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How To Draw Noir Comics: The Art And Technique Of Visual Storytelling Book 25 ((TOP))

Framed Perspective 1 gives artists the technical knowledge needed to produce successful visual storytelling-related drawings: from understanding the basics of the space around us all the way to more sophisticated endeavors, like creating entire locations that will become the believable set ups our characters and stories will happen within.

How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling book 25

A great how-to on everything from basic inking materials to storytelling techniques, this sourcebook is packed with a wealth of tested techniques, practical advice, and professional secrets for the aspiring comic artist.

As far as influences on Eisner, many come from outside of comics. He was heavily influenced by movies and tried to apply cinematographic techniques to comics, especially the visual style of film noir. He was also profoundly influenced by Yiddish theater, as can be seen in A Contract with God.

Anna Mill is an award-winning London-based artist, designer and author, represented by Début Art. Graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2008, her architectural background informs much of her illustration work, bringing the precision of traditional technical drawing and perspective techniques to narratively-driven scenes with a rich spatial and atmospheric complexity. We love how Anna works small stories into every scene, adding details and gestures to the overall composition. Her first book Square Eyes, with co-writer Luke Jones, was published in 2018 by Jonathan Cape.

How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling is an instructional book based on the cinematic, high contrast noir style of acclaimed comic book and graphic novel illustrator, Shawn Martinbrough. Martinbrough's work has been published by DC Comics, Vertigo and Marvel Comics, illustrating stories ranging from Batman to the X-Men. This is his first book, released through Watson-Guptill Publications and The Nielsen Company. In How to Draw Noir Comics, Martinbrough shows how the expert use of the color black is critical for drawing noir comics. He demonstrates how to set a mood, design characters and locations, stage action and enhance drama, and discusses important topics like page layout, panel design, and cover design. How to Draw Noir Comics includes The Truce, an original graphic novel written and illustrated by Martinbrough which incorporates the many lessons addressed throughout the book, and has an introduction by critically-acclaimed novelist Greg Rucka, author of the graphic novel Whiteout, currently in production as a major motion picture.


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