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Singham 1 Bluray [WORK] Download Movie

the story continues to unravel as singham discovers babaji is involved in a child trafficking ring run by jaykant shikre, a.k.a. anand bajirao (govinda), and his gang. babaji is also associated with a russian gangster, nicknamed the arrogant (vikram gokhale), who plans to unleash a bio-weapon on mumbai by targeting the citys 18 million illegal immigrants. babaji is also associated with durga (sharmeen khan), a former trainee who was forced to sleep with one of the three babas (priests) in babaji?s circle in order to become his disciple. prakash rao, however, wants to ally with babaji against gurujis, and an all-out war begins.

Singham 1 Bluray Download Movie

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singham and babaji take the fight to gurujis and prakash rao, and eventually to the indian national congress. they start to find their way to the arrogant, and his russian accomplice, and about jaykant shikre?s involvement in the child trafficking ring. with the help of the locals and the indian police, singham and his team end up saving most of the 18 million illegal immigrants in mumbai. in the end, singham and babaji manage to destroy the arrogant?s plan, and bring to justice all those involved in the child trafficking ring.

while the rest of the team sleeps, babaji conspires to use singham to take over the operation of the mumbai police department. he plans to get singham to kill gurujis, who was after his head, and to take over the department. babaji thinks he can use singham to take over mumbai, and to make sure that he gets all the spoils, and that singham will become the next congress leader.

singham does get babaji to become the head of the mumbai police, but he soon realizes that babaji was planning to take over the department all along. at this point, babaji is already well on his way to taking control of mumbai. singham and his team leave babaji in the lurch, and go after gurujis. babaji tries to kidnap gurujis, but singham and his team arrive just in time, and gurujis is saved. this is when babaji is finally exposed for his corrupt activity. gurujis and his team take babaji, and singham and his team to the court. babaji decides to take a deal with the judge, and offers to reveal the corruption that singham was uncovering. so, singham?s team and gurujis?s team are sent to jail, while babaji stays free. everyone is happy, except babaji. he is devastated, and goes on a rampage to destroy everyone who was in on the corruption. eventually, singham and his team manage to escape from prison, and babaji is left to face the music alone.


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